Maximise Performance &



Why is it that during pivotal moments, whether that be a high pressure sports occasion or a large client presentation, that some people seem to step up to the challenge and deliver their best performance while others seem to go to pieces?


Regardless of knowledge, skill or ability, performance is largely down to our mental state of mind.


Understanding the workings of the human brain and how to programme it to work optimally during these pivotal moments is vital to your success.


With plenty of enlightening examples, stories, scientific evidence and simple and effective tools, Martin steers his clients through a process of understanding what drives human behaviour and most importantly how we can tap into our best selves on a consistent basis. Having these skills is what stands great individuals, teams and organisations apart.

Thrive During Times of Change


Change is an inevitable part of life and right now the frequency of change is more apparent than ever before.


The paradox of change is that even in our desire to improve things, we are held back by our own fear and internal resistance. The cost of this delay to teams and organisations can be huge.


Understanding more about human behaviour and why we resist change when we see an opportunity to improve things is critical to overcoming this challenge.


Understanding the psychology of change and then also having the right mental strategies to unlock our resistance and thrive through times of change is what Martin helps his clients to do with creative and thought provoking sessions, workshops and courses all armed with effective tools that equip people to deal with whatever change challenges lie before them.

Whatever it is you are trying to achieve, having the mental edge to stay psychologically strong in today’s World is by far the most beneficial set of skills any individual or company can acquire. Those who are equipped with the right mental strategies for success are those who not only rise to the top of their field against all the odds, but remain there when the going gets tough and things around them begin to collapse.


Whether you are looking to make a quick impact with a motivational speaker at a conference or a more lasting impact and a change of culture, each of the interventions are designed with the same high impact theme - to equip your audience with the mental skills to ensure they succeed, whatever the challenge they are facing.



"Martin is one of the most engaging and motivational speakers you could meet. Trust me there are hundreds of Leadership and Personal Development Gurus out there but Martin gets my vote every time".

Karen Cartridge DIP CII, President of Manchester Insurance Institute

"Thought provoking, challenging and with an abundance of tools for people to take away"


Matthew Hartigan, Head of Corporate,

Zurich Insurance Plc

  Example Topics

Thrive During Times of Change

Maximise Performance & Reslience

Develop The Mental Toughness to Succeed

Inspired Leadership in Difficult Times

Build a Leadership Culture


Leadership is often mistaken for a title when leadership is really all about influence.


Your ability to lead others and most importantly yourself in times of challenge is something that sets stand out leaders apart.


From studying great leaders in business to great leaders within sport, there are many key themes. Leadership is not a job title, leadership is about who you are and how you behave.  It's easy to be positive and lead others when everything is going well but what about when things are going against you? This is when the real leaders step up and show resilience, optimism, confidence and galvanise those around them. Every environment needs people like this.


Learn the lessons from studying world class leaders along with practical action steps to help develop a stronger leadership culture within your organisation.

"Thought provoking, challenging and with an abundance of tools for people to take away"


Matthew Hartigan, Head of Corporate,

Zurich Insurance Plc