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I have watched two Sports Life Documentaries this week on ITV4 and both brilliantly inspiring.

They were about two black sportsmen that achieved incredible success in similar era's here in England (80's and 90's) and both had to face appalling treatment at times too. How they both responded to these terrible acts of racism reminded me of how truly inspiring both of these sportsmen were.

Their names?

Linford Christie and John Barnes.


Linford Christie held four 100m Championship titles at one time which is an incredible achievement - Olympic Champion, World Champion, European Champion and Commonwealth Champion.

John Barnes played at the highest level of football for 18 years, winning 79 caps for England and being regarded among his peers as one of the finest talents England has ever produced.

The thing that struck me the most about these two athletes was how humble they both were, regardless of the levels of success they both achieved and even more impressive, how they kept their dignity even though they were subjected to some shocking treatment.

It reminded me of the power we all possess, that no matter what happens to us, we always, ALWAYS have the power to choose how we respond.


And these two great athletes certainly controlled their responses and as a result, inspired millions and achieved great things too.

Please watch these documentaries on ITV4 Player.

With Positivity,

Martin Robert Hall - Motivational Speaker, Author and Sports Psychology Coach

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