The Past Does NOT Equal The Future


Today I have been invited to speak at the award winning HITZ programme run by Sale Sharks which tackles some of the greatest challenges faced by the youth of today.

My talk will be about mindset and choosing your attitude. Significantly, especially for this particular group, my take away message will be that regardless of your past, you control your future, it is absolutely in your hands.

I thought this would be a great topic to talk about and it is one which does not just relate to tragedy and humbled beginnings. We are all, at some point, influenced by our past and unless we unlock ourselves from the mental traps that so surreptitiously form in the back of our minds, we are all in danger of performing way below our potential.

You may have had one negative experience and this can lodge in your mind, repeating the same negative consequences time and time again. Think of an athlete going on a bad run of form, or similarly a sales person in a slump.

The danger is not in these events happening, because they will happen to us all, the danger is in not recognising these events and then recalibrating our mind to focus again on what is important, on what we can control.

I found out about the HITZ programme a while back when I had the pleasure of meeting Jason Robinson, the England Rugby Star who you may well remember for side stepping opponents at a speed most can't comprehend.

What struck me most about Jason was his journey to the top of the professional game. He talks candidly about his past and his upbringing and how it shaped him but ultimately it did not define him and hold him back from being one of the most exciting and brilliant athletes of our generation.

If you ever get chance to watch the Sports Life Documentaries episode about his life, please watch it.

You have to decide for yourself where you are going. Nobody else can do that for you. Believe me though, they will try if you let them and sometimes these people are the very one's you hold dearest. This can often be the toughest exchange you will face.

But if you want to live a fulfilled life, which is something I wholeheartedly believe we all do, then letting go of the past is something we all have to do at some stage.

And that could as simple as letting go of last week's performance, your last game, yesterday. You choose the timeline.

It is vital that you reflect and make sure you are facing forward each and every day, not always easy but it is important to keep pointing forwards. The past should remain as a place of reference and reference only, don't reside there.

You must think and speak the words of what you want to become. Most importantly, you must speak these words to yourself. And you must continue to do so until these words are embedded into your mind.

Jason talks about a pivotal moment in his life being a fellow team mate, who became a role model and helped him to deal with some of his difficulties.

Who are your role models?

Don't be limited to the environment you find yourself in currently. Branch out.

Soak up wisdom from people you aspire to be like, read great books, watch videos on YouTube, educate yourself and most importantly be your own coach not your worst critic.

At i2i we call these Mental Vitamins.

Make sure you are taking yours each and every day.

Thanks for reading.

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