The Importance of Belief

I've been watching Wimbledon

closley over the last week and if you have also, you may have noticed the subtle but oh so powerful difference that makes the difference.

This difference is often witnessed in champions from all walks of life. It is at the foundation of all those who never give up, who refuse to give in and throw in the towel.

I have witnessed it a few times this week watching Wimbledon and none more so than in the match feautring Serena Williams versus our very own Heather Watson.

At 3-0 down in the final set, Serena was literally on the verge of being edged out. Heather was a whisker away. But a whisker is not enough when you are facing somebody with BELIEF. A strong conviction for what they do. Serena Williams is somebody with this conviction running through every one of her veins.

You just know a person like this is never defeated. Some champions even have a method for justifying their losses in their mind to further strengthen belief. An example of that would be Sir Alex Ferguson teaching his players that they never got beat, they occasionaly run out of time but they never got beat. Notice the clever twist?!

When you are facing somebody with that level of belief, you can literally feel the force of energy they are giving off, like an aura of self assurance.

This is not just reserved for sport. Whenever you meet somebody with a strong sense of self belief, you can feel it, its powerful and it draws your attention.

The one major mistake I have witnessed in the majority of people when it comes to belief is that in order to first have that sense of belief, they need some evidence first. They need proof in order to give them the belief.

And that, right there, is the difference.

Champions believe in themselves before they ever became champions. You only have to listen to the words of Muhammad Ali to know that. He knew he was a champion, long before he was ever crowned one, as he will tell you in his own words.

So here is the twist.

Seeing is not believing.

Believing IS seeing.

Get it?

Thanks for reading. Be great.

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