Time Management - What a LOAD of crap

Time Management is a load of CRAP.

I hope the title of this article has grabbed your attention. You’re probably now waiting for me to explain what I mean… How can time management be a load of crap?

I thought you were supposed to be a motivational speaker Martin? That isn't very motivating!

Time itself isn’t the problem. After all, it is just a concept. Think about it.

There is people who will tell you to (and give you in many cases) be better at writing lists, defining your goals, be more organised and whatever new hacks are around at the moment for squeezing the most out of your time.

Well I am not going to do that today. Because in the grand scheme of things I don’t think you are really ever going to look back on your career or your life and wish you had ticked more things off your to do list, or been more productive.

You can have as much times as you like, but if you have no energy to put into that time, it won’t matter.

“The ultimate measure of our lives is not how much time we spend on the planet, but rather how much energy we invest in the time that we have”

Jim Loehr

I think one problem that we all face, if were honest, is that we overestimate how much we can get done in the time we have. Can you relate to me on this one?

And this can lead to a pretty demoralising cycle of incompletion. It’s amazing sometimes the importance you can give to that little niggly task left on your to-do list.

What does it matter in the grand scheme of things? Will it matter in a weeks time? In a month? In a year? Or when you look back in ten?

No. Of course it won’t.

But I tell you what will – how much energy you have to bring to the things you do get done.

How much energy you bring into your work.

How much energy you have to bring when you’re with your loved ones.

How much energy you bring in some of the biggest moments of your life.

It’s all energy. Not time.

“Higher levels of energy will always raise the game of your life”

Tony Robbins

This coming from a man, who at 55 years of age, spends over 200 days travelling the world each year, 12 hours on stage for two to three days in a row, giving absolutely EVERYTHING to crowds upwards of 5,000 people and inspiring and educating them to be the best they can be.

I think he knows a thing or two about energy. I went to see him in Los Angeles a couple of years ago and even though I knew many of the things he was talking about, I was flawed by his relentless energy and capacity to bring it for that long on stage. He is basically a rock star, minus the alcohol, drugs and parties!

This guy gets a LOT done. He achieves a lot. But it isn’t his time management skills that help him to do this. It is his relentless energy.

It doesn’t matter how organised and how smart and clever your new productivity hack is, unless you have the energy to bring to the party every time.

Energy also creates emotion.

Emotion is the fabric of why we do what we do. Think about it, why do we do most things? It is because of the way these things make us feel. We want to do things that make us feel good, we want to buy things that make us feel good. Of course there are things that we have to do that don’t make us feel so good, but if we are lacking energy these things only become much harder.

In my next post I am going to talk about the different types of energy, there are four I have found in case you are wondering, and they call impact each other. But this requires a whole post on it’s own.

I talk about these four elements of energy in my book and the importance of them but for now I hope to have triggered some ideas for you to raise your energy levels and not just increase the length of your ever growing to-do list.

With positivity as always,

Martin Robert Hall

'Motivational Speaker working across the UK, Europe, Manchester and London'

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