The ONE goal to aim for in 2016...

I love this time of year, people are buzzing with new ideas and making decisions to change things for the better. Well they are in my world.

Fortunately I work with a team of people who are relentlessly focused on the positive and I surround myself with people in my social circles who do the same. Who you spend time with is important.

Many years ago I went to a seminar in London and the presenter told us that we become the average of the five people we spend the most time with.

Now I don't know if that's true, I cannot imagine it being an exact science but I tell you what, I bet it isn't far off.

I have been working in a famous boxing gym today in Liverpool, it's been there 100 years. What was fantastic about the place was the energy and the environment. Just being there must have an motivational effect on everybody who steps inside that gym with the aim of getting in the ring. Everybody working towards their dreams in the same place is a very inspiring environment to be in.

Most of us go into the new year with new ambitions. Whether it is something we want to change, achieve, learn or quit, most of us want to change something and the idea is always centered around improvement.

We as people get fulfillment out of making progress in our lives.

But I do just wonder if people are aiming high enough. It's natural for us to be fearful of failure, but that doesn't mean that we should lower our ambitions to reduce the size of the fall if we do happen to fail.

It is much better to aim high and just miss than it is to aim too low and hit.

Often in my work and my motivational speaking, one of the main purposes is to get people to raise their own bars.

Now everybody will have a different measure of progress in their lives and so there is no set benchmark that we should all be aiming for, but the one thing, the one thing I do believe most people should be striving for each and every year is to make it the best year of our life to date.

Why would that not be our aim?

I think it is a fairly simple concept but not one many think about and actually implement. After all, it is much easier to remain the same.

I'm not saying we all must pursue radical change but it does mean we must challenge ourselves, change something, do something different and possibly think outside of the box in terms of what we aim for this year.

But my first message of 2016 is strive to make this year the best year of your life so far, whatever that involves.

It could be that this year you inspire more people than you ever have done before.

It could be you work on yourself more than ever before.

It could be you choose to be happier than ever before.

Whatever it is, in your eyes it will make this year better than ever before. Then growing older becomes more enjoyable too!

As always, with positivity...

Martin Robert Hall

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