Why Culture Matters More Than Ever

Culture in the workplace is a hot topic. The workplace environment now is not what it used to be. No longer as a business owner, leader or a visionary entrepreneur can you just expect people to join you on your journey and help you make it a reality. Not the top talent anyway.

I take it that's who you want? At least I hope so.

Long gone are the days where the average benchmark is to just go to work, do your job and go home. A job is no longer 'just a job'.

A shift is taking place. It has been for a while.

People care now. More people anyway. The bar has been raised and companies that don't adapt and raise their own bar will be left fighting for people in the lower echelons of the talent pool.

You won't be able to trick people either with your values hung up nicely on the wall and even branded in a nice slick company manual.

You won't be able to keep raising the bar by bringing in a motivational speaker at your conference once a year either. It's going to take more than that.

People are wise to it and if you do manage to briefly seduce them, they will soon discover your culture is not as great as you promised and will swiftly start looking elsewhere.

You better be prepared to do what you said you will.

This is the age of the entrepreneur. The age where it is much easier to take an idea of your own and bring it to life, often without even leaving your bedroom.

This means that people want to bring their ideas to work and at least be heard.

People are motivated by gaining mastery over what they do. It gives them purpose and makes them feel fulfilled.

But people are also motivated by being able to bring their ideas and their full range of skills to the table and express themselves fully.

In order to keep them motivated and satisfied you have to provide them with the platform to grow.

That is the key word here - GROWTH.

People want to grow and if you want to keep them, you better give them that platform and provide the opportunities.

The great news is, companies who do this reap the benefits. New products, processes, genius marketing ideas come from such an approach.

It might mean taking more of a risk and changing the way you do things but surely that is better than being left behind in a rapidly changing business world, is it not?

Culture is not what it says on your boardroom wall. Culture is not what you tell candidates in interview. Culture is what they find when they join you and far too often it doesn't meet the grade.

Culture is about standing for something, believing in it and living it every day.

You have to live your values. People are watching what you do not just listening to what you say.

Watch this motivational video on culture by Simon Sinek for more.

With Positivity,

Martin Robert Hall

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