Eyes on the Prize

The one thing that is going to DRIVE your levels of commitment and focus to the heights you need it to be is the unwavering ability to keep focused on your destination.

What is it you are aiming for?

What does it look like? How clear is it?

How clearly can you burn that image onto the screen of your mind?

The stronger your mental picture is the more belief, motivation, resilience and persistence you will have in the pursuit of your goals.

This is a major driver for all athletes and the best develop an unchallenged ability to stay so firmly focused on this end vision that they are willing to combat and overcome obstacles and challenges that others just cannot stomach.

Does your dream light you up when you think of it? Does it tingle your nerve fibres? Does it fire up your enthusiasm?

If not then you might want to consider changing it. Not your goal, but your image.

Because your brain doesn’t care about your goal, but it does care about what emotions it sparks because this has a chemical effect on your brain and the stronger those chemical signals that are fired off in your mind, the stronger the drive for action.

And action is going to be needed to take you there. Lots of it too because elite sport has to be one of the most competitive fields there is and so you better be equipped as best you can.

Developing your level of focus for the end destination is going to provide you with a significant advantage in this game I assure you.

Be sure to feed your mind every day with knowledge like this from motivational speakers.

Commit some time to making this a priority for you.

If you need some help with this then check out my book Optimize Yourself.

With Positivity,

Martin Robert Hall

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