Be SO Good They Can't Ignore You.

One of the most common stressors for athletes that I find in my work as a sports psychology consultant is the things that are outside of their control.

It is a common issue that they bring to the table and one I help them to re-focus their mind around so it does not affect them in a negative fashion any longer.

One of my favourite phrases is "be so good they can't ignore you".

Whether the athlete is struggling with selection, with decisions from officials, with getting the opportunities they feel they deserve, I always believe it is important to put the power back into the athletes mind and help them focus purely on what they can control.

Many of the results we seek are outside of our control. There are lots of other factors at play.

It is when we get so hung up on these results, rather than the actions themselves that we can begin to cause ourselves undue stress.

This is almost always negative because a busy and negative mind is an unproductive one and is not conducive to peak performance.

What are the things that are totally within your control?

Put all of your energy into indentifying these factors, knowing where your strengths lie and then raising the bar in these areas. Take your performance to another level rather than being fixated on the outcome.

When we raise the level of our performance, the level of our results will naturally follow.

Let your motivation be "I will be SO good they just cannot ignore me and only I am in control of that".

Make your aim to be the best you can possibly be. Define what that means, what that looks like and then set out to work doing your thing.

A good sports psychologist will help you to master both - your fixation on the prize whilst maintaining full focus in the present. It's a really fine balance.

With Positivity

Martin Robert Hall

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