Purpose, Passion, Performance. Lessons in business and a word on Leicester City.

This year I have been working a lot with businesses around their purpose and how it contributes to creating a high performance culture.

It is something a lot of companies and teams simply don't focus on, not nearly enough anyway. Why do you do what you do? What is the difference you make?

When as a business or a team of any sort you operate from a core purpose, a shared belief and passion for something, the effects on your team will be noticeable and measurable.

Not only have I witnessed my clients external performance (i.e. number of sales) dramatically improve, but the internal engagement of the team benefits massively too.

It makes sense. We are emotional creatures. Emotion drives motion.

When teams get this cog at the heart of their engine right, they get the smaller details right too.

Now onto Leicester City and the incredible contrast between the team we watched last year and the team we are seeing this season.

Yes they lost an integral player in Kante, however they are largely the same group of players who are now facing a fight with relegation and at this point last season they were storming towards the title.

Something is clearly wrong at the club and only the players and the manager will know what that truly is, but it seems to be a mindset issue. It's certainly not a skillset problem because that remains largely the same.

How motivated and driven are the Leicester players this season on living by their values and purpose?

Are they even clear on what they are? The work rate, the concentration levels, the drive, the desire, the confidence... All way below where it was last season.

When you operate from a place of purpose, you stand for something. You set standards for yourself regardless of results and it is these standards which ultimately drive your results. This is the starting point for Leicester to get back on track.

Momentum is a powerful force and this season their momentum is equally as powerful but just in the wrong direction! Starting with what they can control - the standards, the values and the behaviours all contribute hugely to the performances on the pitch.

If the Leicester players get focused on what it means to be a Leicester player again, a champion (the current ones too may I add) who thinks and acts like a champion then they will start to turn it around. I hope they do.

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