Mental fitness plays a crucial role in the performance of individual athletes and sports teams, often it is the vital difference.


Martin has had the privilige of working with elite athletes from a wide range of sports including football, rugby, athletics, boxing, motor racing, tennis, squash and martial arts.


Understanding how the mind works and what drives our behaviours on and off the field is vital knowledge for all athletes and coaches. This is the study of sports psychology.


Many athletes have a similar level of physical and technical skill but what separates them is the mental skill to use their ability when it matters, this is often the most common difference at the highest level of sport.


There are many challenges such as high pressure moments, coming back from injury, loss of form, getting back in the team, losing motivation and confidence and many more.


The approach Martin takes works over a period of a few months, teaching them all about their minds and performance and giving them the tools they need to build up the mental muscle so they can deliver when it matters.  Martin's clients are all over the UK, Manchester and London.


Each athlete is unique and all athletes are approached individually with a programme being designed together in the first few meetings, to ensure all the objectives are met with conviction.


It is a fun and interesting process and does not involve lying on a couch or any of the other stigmas often associated with sports pyschology. Martin is a coach and coaches his athletes in terms of education, inspiration and vital knowledge needed to get the best out of themselves.

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motivational speaker, sports psychologist
With Stockport County Youth Team 2009
Motivational Speaker, Sports Psychology
Working at MUFC Carrington On Tour with Irish Academy
Motivational Speaker, Sports Psychology
Holding Olympic Torch whilst working at Trafford Athletics Club